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Cuban Entrepreneurship in 2021: A Talk with Erich Garcia-Cruz, Yasser Gonzalez, and Adrian

The Cuban entrepreneurs will join YPA and CWG to share their perspectives on the unique challenges and opportunities of running private businesses in Cuba.

6–7 pm ET

Google Meet



Join AS/COA's Young Professionals of the Americas and Cuba Working Group (CWG) for a conversation with three Cuban entrepreneurs joining live from Havana to discuss their experiences running private businesses in Cuba. 

The Cuban government recently expanded the list of the types of private businesses that can be operated by independent entrepreneurs, which has renewed energy among Cuban cuentapropistas. Still, the dual force of increased U.S. regulations and the COVID-19 pandemic struck a blow to the Cuban economy, which shrank by more than 11 percent in 2020, according to the Cuban government. In addition, the monetary unification and the elimination of the convertible peso (CUC) earlier this year has contributed to macroeconomic disarray and confusion for many Cubans.

As 2021 brings both a new U.S. administration and the opportunity to rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic, all eyes are on Cuba’s private sector.  

Join us and CWG for a lively discussion with three movers and shakers from Havana, who will share with us their strategies for innovation in Cuba.


  • Erich Garcia-Cruz, CEO, BacheCubano
  • Yasser González Cabrera, Founder, Citykleta
  • Adriana Heredia Sanchez, Co-Founder and CEO, Beyond Roots 
  • Yndira Marin, Director, Council of the Americas and Head of Cuba Working Group, AS/COA (chair)
  • Brett Perlmutter, Head of Google Cuba (moderator)

Hear more about the three entrepreneurs' stories on the 90 Miles Podcast.

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Yasser González Cabrera
Cofounder, Citykleta

Yasser González Cabrera is as a social impact entrepreneur with seven years of experience in the city bike tourism sector who runs a local bike business in Havana called Citykleta, founded in 2017. To rescue the cycling culture in Havana, Citykleta started to offer free cycling...

Adriana Heredia
Founder, Beyond Roots

Adriana Heredia is a young Cuban with a degree in Economics from the University of Havana (UH). For her day job, she works as a professor at UH and as coordinator of InCuba, an innovation incubator. Her passion for education and entrepreneurship led her to found Beyond Roots, a...

Brett Perlmutter
Head of Google Cuba

Brett Perlmutter founded and leads Google’s efforts in Cuba. In that capacity, Perlmutter was the principal negotiator of the first ever internet-related deal between the U.S. and Cuba which placed infrastructure in Havana to make uncensored platforms like YouTube available for...

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