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Anti-Corruption Reforms after COVID-19: A Window of Opportunity?

Americas Society / Council of the Americas

September 30, 2020



A new wave of corruption scandals related to the pandemic and increased politicization of investigations are overshadowing a critical question for Latin America: how can countries pass meaningful anti-corruption reforms that boost transparency and accountability? Hear from anti-corruption experts from around the region during this discussion, which is part of AS/COA’s Anti-Corruption Working Group.


  • Eduardo Engel, Professor, Universidad de Chile and Director, Espacio Público @EsPublicoCL
  • Viridiana Ríos, Political Analyst @Viri_Rios
  • José Ugaz, Partner, Benites, Vargas & Ugaz Abogados @JoseUgazSM
  • Roberto Simon, Senior Director and Head of the Anti-Corruption Working Group, AS/COA @robertosimon (moderator)

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Eduardo Engel

Professor, Universidad de Chile and Director, Espacio Público

Eduardo Engel is the director of Espacio Público, a Chilean think tank, and a professor of economics at the University of Chile. He is also an associate researcher at the National Bureau for Economic Research and the International Growth Centre. Prior to this, Engel chaired Chile’s Presidential Advisory Council on Conflicts of Interest, Influence Peddling, and Corruption in 2015 and was a professor of economics at Yale University from 2001 to 2012.

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Viridiana Ríos

Political Analyst

Viridiana Ríos is a political analyst and a thought leader that specializes in understanding the most pressing social problems of Mexico and the US-Mexico border. She is a columnist at The New York Times en Español and a writer for the Spanish newspaper El País. Ríos is a co-author of The Missing Reform, a book that explores how to create a fair, inclusive and prosperous Mexico. She was named a Young Global Leader for 2020 by the World Economic Forum and teaches the US-Mexico Politics class at Harvard Summer School. Ríos holds a Ph.D.

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José Ugaz

Partner, Benites, Vargas & Ugaz Abogados

José Ugaz is a Peruvian jurist and partner at Benites, Vargas & Ugaz in Lima. Prior to this, he served as chair of the board of Transparency International from 2014 to 2017. Ugaz is the author of the 2014 book Caiga quien caiga. He was elected to the Transparency International Board in 2011, having previously served as an individual member in 2008 and president of Proética, Transparency International’s national chapter in Peru, in 2002.

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Roberto Simon

Senior Director for Policy and Head of the Anti-Corruption Working Group, AS/COA

Roberto Simon is the senior director for policy and head of the Anti-Corruption Working Group at Americas Society/Council of the Americas and the politics editor for Americas Quarterly. Previously, Simon served as the lead Latin America analyst at FTI Consulting’s Geopolitical Intelligence practice, advising global businesses on key political, economic, and policy challenges in the region.

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Video: Anti-Corruption Reforms after COVID-19 - A Window of Opportunity?

October 01, 2020

AS/COA’s Anti-Corruption Working Group convened a panel of experts from around the region to discuss whether the pandemic could put Latin America in a better position to pass anti-corruption reforms....