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Weekly Chart: Where the U.S. Public Stands on Border and Immigration Policy

October 20, 2015

Who's in favor of changing the 14th amendment to ban birthright citizenship? 23% of Democrats.
3 in 4 Americans favor letting undocumented immigrants stay in the country—provided they meet some requirements.

A certain combed-over candidate is making waves with his views on immigrants, and most U.S. voters consider immigration policy a “very important” factor in deciding whom they’ll cast a ballot for in the 2016 elections. But that doesn’t mean they all agree when it comes to building a fence along the entire U.S.-Mexico border or maintaining birthright citizenship, and divisions often fall along party lines. No less than 73 percent of Republicans—compared to 29 percent of Democrats—support a border wall, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in September. On the other hand, a majority of respondents support providing legal status to undocumented immigrants, regardless of party affiliation.

AS/COA Online takes a look at where the U.S. public stands when it comes to immigration and border policy issues.