This Week on Americas Society: Live Conversation with Artists

Arte Al Día highlights Americas Society Visual Arts "In the Studio" series, a remote look into artists' workspaces on Instagram Live.

Tune in to Americas Society's Instagram or YouTube to watch Director and Chief Curator Aimé Iglesias Lukin interview artist Ernesto Solano (b. Guadalajara, 1985) about his work and practice.

Ernesto Solana (B. Guadalajara, 1985) is an artist based in Mexico City. He works in different mediums like photography, sculpture and installation. His artistic practice is parallel to his research and explorations around the suburban belts of different cities in the US, Mexico, Northern Africa and the Netherlands...

Tune in to Americas Society's Instagram or Youtube to watch Assistant Curator Diana Flatto interview artist Michelle Hernandez Vega (b. 1990) about her practice. A multimedia artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York, she explores themes of biculturalism, translation, family history and memory, and the mythification and ephemerality in their inherent production...

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Watch In the Studio on Americas Society's Visual Arts Instagram.