The U.S. Capitol

The U.S. Capitol. (AdobeStock)


U.S. Democracy Is on Probation

By Eric Farnsworth

The good news is that the Republic has held, writes AS/COA's Eric Farnsworth for The Banker.

By now, the shocking, shameful videos of the January 6 sacking of the US Capitol have cemented the impression worldwide that US democracy is at an inflection point.

Leaders from China, Iran, Russia, Venezuela and elsewhere are gloating publicly after seeing mobs incited by then president Donald Trump descend on the US senate, while taking advantage of a distracted Washington to advance their own anti-democratic efforts. Others, from Canada and western Europe, have expressed sorrow and concern for the American people. After all, if the US, the beacon of global democracy, can suffer such ruinous behaviour, which nation is immune?

It’s a sobering thought, particularly for nations where democratic practice is not nearly as deeply ingrained.

The good news, to the extent there is any, is that the Republic has held. With the second impeachment of Donald Trump and the inauguration of the next president, Joe Biden, the institutions of government will carry forward. But we cannot pretend that life will return to normal, whatever that even means anymore…

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