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Turf War Breaks between Bolsonaro's Sons and Brazil's Vice President 

April 28, 2019

A turf war has broken out at the pinnacle of Brazilian politics, pitting a presidential son nicknamed ‘pitbull’ and a Steve Bannon-backed polemicist against a group of retired military chiefs led by Brazil’s vice-president, Hamilton Mourão.

The animosity between the two factions was exposed last week after Carlos Bolsonaro – son of the incumbent far-right president Jair Bolsonaro – repeatedly bashed Mourão on Twitter for urging the US-based Olavo de Carvalho to stop meddling in Brazilian politics and return to his former career as an astrologer...

Brian Winter, a Brazil expert who met Carvalho last year at his rural Virginia home, said the spat did reflect a Bolsonarian propensity to “flame-throw” foes on social media but at the same time, it was “more than just a Twitter food fight”.

It actually revealed a ferocious ideological battle raging between the two factions – with potentially momentous ramifications for Brazil and Bolsonaro’s presidency.

“You have got adults in this administration… who believe that if they continue to follow Olavo’s advice the government might not make it,” Winter said...

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