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Told and Untold: The Photo Stories of Kati Horna in the Illustrated Press

Told and Untold: The Photo Stories of Kati Horna in the Illustrated Press catalogue

March 01, 2017

Told and Untold, published in association with the first U.S. solo exhibition dedicated to Kati Horna (b. 1912 Budapest – d. 2000 Mexico City), features photographs—some never before seen—displayed alongside the newspapers and magazines in which they circulated. Though she is now perhaps best known as a surrealist, Horna often defined herself as collaborator with the press, a definition that encompassed not only her activities as a field photographer during the Spanish Civil War, but also her work as a layout artist and photomonteur for anarchist publications. From her early years in interwar Paris through her late work produced in Mexico, this publication offers a comprehensive overview of Horna’s diverse practice, including her photographs, contact sheets, montaged cuttings, and personal albums.

Table of contents:

  • "Memory and the Recovery of Lived Experiences: Kati Horna, 'Invisibilist'" by Norah Horna
  • "'Each one is One': Traces Left with Light on Paper" by Andrea Geyer
  • "Loss and Renewal: The Politics and Poetics of Kati Horna’s Photo Stories" by Michel Otayek
  • "The 'Social Fantastic' in Kati Horna’s Paris (1933–1937)" by Maria Antonella Pelizzari
  • "'First, Win the War!' Kati Horna, Gendered Images and Political Discord during the Spanish Civil War" by Miriam Margarita Basilio
  • "Kati Horna in Mexico and Her Representations of the Female Experience" by Christina L. De León and Melina Kervandjian
  • "Kati Horna, Mathias Goeritz, and Architectural Photography" by Cristóbal Andrés Jácome


Learn more about the Told and Untold exhibition.

Hardcover, English, 188 pages.