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Pragmatism to prevail in Brazil's ties with China

July 25, 2019

Brazil's foreign minister has made clear that there is no love lost for Beijing on his part, but when he sits down with his Chinese opposite for the first time Thursday analysts expect pragmatism to prevail.

Ernesto Araujo, a critic of China and fervent admirer of US President Donald Trump -- views shared by his right-wing boss, President Jair Bolsonaro -- is likely to adopt a more conciliatory tone when he meets Wang Yi in the Brazilian capital.

Both sides are looking to strengthen a relationship that only months ago many had feared could rupture under newly-elected Bolsonaro, especially in the face of growing US-China trade tensions...

"If they were to walk away so abruptly I think it would create an unnecessary crisis with Beijing," said Brian Winter, editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly.

"They want to maintain a pragmatic commercial relationship with China" which sees BRICS as a useful way to expand its influence in Latin America and Africa.

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