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Paula Trope, Emancipatory Action

October 17, 2007

Paula Trope, Emancipatory Action was the first show of Paula Trope in the United States and focused on issues related to authorship and artistic collaboration. Conceived as a monographic show, this exhibition focused on the process of collaboration that Brazilian artist Paula Trope has undertaken with children and adolescents for more than a decade. The term emancipation provides a framework to discuss the ethical fringes of the symbolic negotiation that takes place when an artist cedes or shares authorship in order to stimulate an active subject. This publication analyzes Trope’s work in relation to participation and examines the point of departure of artists who collaborate with marginal subjects. The book includes essays by Gabriela Rangel, Paulo Herkenhoff, and Doris Sommer; an interview between the artist and Nicolau Sevcenko; and a transcript of a roundtable on Relational Aesthetics and Participatory Art that took place between Doris Sommer, Nicolau Sevcenko, Ute Meta Bauer, Carrie Lambert-Beatty, and Lane Relyea.