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North American Trade by the Numbers

April 01, 2019

$265 billion = How much the United States exported to Mexico in 2018, a top destination for U.S. products, second only to Canada.
Border states Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas export to Mexico more than any other country in the world. As USMCA awaits ratification, @CarinZissis looks at where trade stands between the United States and Mexico.

Updated September 26, 2019—For a good chunk of 2018, NAFTA’s renegotiation was surrounded by an air of uncertainty. Then, in November, the three members signed a deal known as the U.S.-Mexico Canada Agreement, or USMCA in the United States, CUSMA in Canada, and TMEC in Mexico. And now uncertainty surrounds the new deal’s ratification.

Meanwhile, trilateral trade among the partners of the original North American Free Trade Agreement isn’t just chugging along—it’s growing. In 2018, three-way trade surpassed $1.25 trillion, rising nearly 8 percent when compared to the prior year.

AS/COA Online takes a look at the facts, with a spotlight on U.S.-Mexico trade.

Elizabeth Gonzalez and Adán Toledo contributed to the chart.