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A New Direction for the Dominican Republic

A voter in the 2019 Dominican primary elections. (AP)

A voter in the 2019 Dominican primary elections. (AP)

July 09, 2020

Here’s some good news for a weary region: voters in the Dominican Republic have just proven that free elections in Latin America and the Caribbean are possible despite COVID-19, and, further, they have now demonstrated by voting that ruling class corruption and impunity will no longer be tolerated.

Indeed, while many observers were consumed by U.S. politics over the Independence Day weekend, the Dominican Republic quietly celebrated its presidential and congressional elections on July 5, and the results will directly impact the direction of the country and its priorities moving forward.

President-elect Luis Abinader now faces the Hydra-headed challenge of addressing corruption, impunity and COVID-19 right off the bat. If he doesn’t, he may find that he, too, is cast off by frustrated voters who have simply had enough of the political self-dealing and mismanagement that preceded him...

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