Alyssa Regent

Alyssa Regent. (Image: Roey Yohai Studios)

Music of the Americas: En Casa and a Premiere

This week features En Casa videos by Chilean singer-songwriter Pickúa and a premiere by Guadeloupean Alyssa Regent.

En Casa continues with videos by singer-songwriters from Chile and we share the video of the premiere of Guadeloupean composer Alyssa Regent's song cycle, recorded in February 2024.

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Music of the Americas: Alyssa Regent's "Mors osculi"

Thursday, June 20, 10 am

In February 2024, we premiered the Guadeloupean composer's new song cycle, commissioned by Americas Society.

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En Casa: Pickúa

Friday, June 21, 10 am

Chilean singer-songwriter Pickúa has collaborated with important theater and musical artists. She has produced albums, written research articles, and directed theater productions. Her musical language links ancient and contemporary styles, mixing folklore, popular music, and pop culture. Pickúa's next album is Hijas de Pepe (2024), an album of twenty Chilean cuecas made in collaboration with Andrea Martínez. 

From Santiago, Pickúa and her band (including Sebastián Aravena, Guillermo Muñoz, Osvaldo Sazo, and Bayron Espinoza) sent us this version of “Mi culpa,” a traditional bolero re-invented in a mixture with bachata, electronic instruments, and Latin percussions. It is a song that cries out for freedom in the face of the emotion of guilt, and an invitation to communicate your feelings before death arrives.