Trembling Thinking

Kader Attia, Héroes Heridos.


Lydia Cabrera and Édouard Glissant: Trembling Thinking on ArtNexus 

By Elvis Fuentes

"Although less evidently connected to Cabrera and Glissant, these artists are without a doubt part of a new crop of critical, destabilizing thought that has both of them as models," writes Elvis Fuentes in ArtNexus about Trembling Thinking.

"From imperative opacity to public manifestation" could be an alternative title for Trembling Thinking, the group exhibition organized by the Americas Society in honor of two toweing Caribbean intellectuals whose prestige has done nothing but grow over the decades: Cuban ethnologist, writer, and artist Lydia Cabrera and Martinican writer Édouard Glissant. The curators run interesting —and, precisely for the same reason, significant—risks. The decentralizing archipelago as a model for thought is at the base of Glissant’s critical and creative practice, so that the notion of trembling thinking is connected to his activities, even though his books are printed in the format of traditional philosophical books. Cabrera, meanwhile, is anchored to modernity with her encyclopedic pioneering drive, which can almost be described as avant-garde. The notes in her notebooks possess the anxiety of the immediate, of eyewitness testimony, which gives them an ineffable freshness. Her drawings are the nerves of a unique birth in Cuban visual culture...

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