Peru Congress


LatAm in Focus: Have a Little Faith in Peru—and Its Constitution

By Holly K. Sonneland

Ahead of January 26 special legislative elections, constitutional law expert Alonso Gurmendi of Universidad del Pacífico covers how the country’s Magna Carta is holding up.

“This is a very weird election because you don’t have a cult of personality.”

Peruvians, says Gurmendi, are traditionally not as concerned with a left-right debate but simply with whoever can deliver action. Heading into Sunday’s vote, political and financial corruption, along with crime and violence, are by far the most worrisome issues for voters, according to Ipsos. In that context, these special elections could be an opportunity to new centrist parties like Julio Guzmán’s Purple Party and rebranded establishment parties such as Popular Action to become new players in the next year and a half. And, even with a shorter time in session, there could be an opportunity for Congress to make much-needed constitutional reforms with a willing executive like Vizcarra in office, he says. 

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