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Jair Bolsonaro Leads Brazil's Presidential Race from Hospital Bed

September 27, 2018

It was 6.59am on Wednesday when Jair Bolsonaro fired off his first tweet of the day from what must rank as one of the most unusual campaign headquarters in political history.

“While they insist on fallacies, labels and this fixation with the word ‘dictatorship’, more than 14 million people are unemployed, citizens are held hostage in their own homes, there are 60,000 homicides and 50,000 women are being raped each year,” declared the far-right frontrunner to become Brazil’s next president. “This is what the people care about! It’s urgent!”

Sixty-eight minutes later, at 8.07am, a second, 241-character salvo emerged from the fifth floor of one of Brazil’s most exclusive hospitals.

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