Indivisible: The Truth about the U.S. and Mexico, in the New Issue of Americas Quarterly

The United States and Mexico are interwoven in remarkable and surprising ways that challenge the idea of a clear-cut border.

Americas Quarterly magazine brings substance and originality to the analysis of the U.S.-Mexico relationship.

New York, April 24, 2017—The United States and Mexico are interwoven in ways that are both remarkable and surprising and that challenge the idea of a clear-cut border. In Michigan, some of the factories driving the state’s incipient resurgence are, in fact, Mexican-owned. In Queretaro, 550 miles from the United States, the University of Arkansas will soon join a group of 14 engineering colleges dedicated to the aerospace industry. The topic of the ties that bind Mexico and the United States is explored at length in “Indivisible,” the new issue of Americas Quarterly magazine that looks past the day-to-day political debate to tell a larger story of shared prosperity over the more than two decades since the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). “As a New York-based publication that covers Latin America, we felt compelled to address the issue of the moment: the relationship between the United States and Mexico, and how it’s evolving in the early days of the Trump administration,” writes AQ Editor-in-Chief Brian Winter. “The image on our cover is simple and direct. It speaks to the profound political, cultural, and economic ties that bind our countries together.”

In “Indivisible,” veteran Latin America correspondent Richard Lapper reports from the heart of the U.S. Rust Belt as well as from the Mexican boomtown of Querétaro on how NAFTA has reshaped the manufacturing industry in both countries. The cover package profiles celebrity chef Pati Jinich and Congressman Beto O’Rourke as two of the Top 5 Border Ambassadors working tirelessly to bring the two neighbors closer together. Also included are a personal account on being at home on both sides of the border by best-selling writer and journalist Alfredo Corchado, and an essay on the true relevance of NAFTA by Luis de la Calle, one of the Mexican negotiators of the agreement.

The 2017 issue 2 of Americas Quarterly also includes:

  • An essay by Topher McDougal and Robert Muggah on why a “great wall” won’t stop the cross-border trade in guns and drugs.
  • Fascinating views of the urban and desert landscape straddling the U.S.-Mexico border.
  • Ideas for a better border from activists, scholars, politicians, and ordinary people in both countries.

The complete issue will be available online on May 4, 2017 at

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