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A Compact for North American Competitiveness: A strategy for Building Competitiveness Within North America

March 31, 2005

Founded in 1948, the Mexico-US Business Committee (MEXUS) is the oldest bi-national private sector business organization with a focus on economic, commercial, and political relations in North America.  As a forum for senior business leaders to interact regularly with their counterparts in government, MEXUS was critical in the conceptualization, promotion, passage, and implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.  Since the passage of NAFTA, MEXUS has focused on promoting integration and cooperation within North America as a means of improving competitiveness, achieving economic growth, and building social prosperity throughout the region.  It has published regular documentation supporting NAFTA, including the popular; NAFTA Works” series of state-based analytical reports, and other materials that have proven useful to policy makers, business leaders, and academics alike.

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