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Audio: Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia

Photo by John Calabrese.

September 23, 2010

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos addressed the Americas Society and Council of the Americas on September 23, hours after news broke that a Colombian military attack had resulted in the death of Jorge Briceño Suárez—better known as Mono Jojoy—one of the leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forced of Colombia (FARC). “What happened back home in Colombia with this military success we had 24 hours ago really is something that is going to change our history,” he said. Santos credited the democratic security strategy of his predecessor Álvaro Uribe as the reason for the change. Now, said the president, "We are going to jump from democratic security to democratic prosperity to bring to the Colombian people a better future." With his top goal job creation, Santos said his government is putting a plan in place to lift seven million Colombians out of poverty by boosting infrastructure and mining, implementing programs for low-income housing, and focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. "We need the world to change the perception that it has had for many years about Colombia," said Santos.

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