Gabriel Boric at AS/COA

L–R: AS/COA Chairman Andrés Gluski, President Gabriel Boric, AS/COA's Susan Segal. (Photo: Alexis Silver/Roey Yohai Photography)


AS/COA Hosts Presidents during the 77th UNGA

During the 77th UN General Assembly in New York, AS/COA was honored to host a number of Latin American leaders for private meetings. See who joined us.

During the week of September 19 and in conjunction with the opening of the 77th United Nations General Assembly, a number of presidents and ministers from Latin America and the Caribbean visited Americas Society's 680 Park Avenue headquarters for private meetings, helmed by AS/COA President and CEO Susan Segal. Leaders and AS/COA members engaged in meaningful dialogue to discuss investment opportunities, economic themes, and country-specific issues.

Images are by Hayley Pfitzer and Alexis Silver for Roey Yohai Photography, and by Pía Fuentealba. 

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Guillermo Lasso, Ecuador

Ecuadoran President Guillermo Lasso joined us on September 19, alongside First Lady María de Lourdes Alcívar Crespo. The president discussed his country's investment opportunities and the possibilities for enhancing his country's foreign relations, among other topics.

Guillermo Lasso at AS/COA

Pedro Castillo, Peru

Peru's President Pedro Castillo also visited AS/COA on Monday. He was joined by members of his cabinet, including Foreign Minister César Landa Arroyo, pictured below to the right of Segal. Other Peruvian ministers in attendance included Minister of Education Rosendo Serna Román, Minister of Finance Kurt Burneo Farfán, Minister of Commerce Roberto Sánchez Palomino, and the Permanent Peruvian Representative to the UN Manuel Rodríguez Cuadros.

Pedro Castillo

Irfaan Ali, Guyana

On September 20, Guyanese President Irfaan Ali spoke to the Council about investment opportunities in Guyana and his vision for the country moving forward. 

Irfaan Ali at AS/COA

Gustavo Petro, Colombia

AS/COA Chairman Andrés Gluski and Segal welcomed President of Colombia Gustavo Petro along with his country's Ambassador to the UN Leonor Zalabata on September 21.

Gustavo Petro at AS/COA

AS/COA was pleased to receive the new president during his first UNGA trip to New York City and hear his vision for the ecological potential of Colombia.

Gustavo Petro at AS/COA

Gabriel Boric, Chile

AS/COA welcomed new Chilean President Gabriel Boric, who was joined by Finance Minister Mario Marcel. The president spoke about his ideas for stimulating investment in Chile.

Gabriel Boric at AS/COA


Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares, Spain

Albares at AS/COA

AS/COA was honored to welcome Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares. Above, he is pictured (L) with AS/COA's Ragnhild Melzi.