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#womenASCOA Video: Men's Role in Workplace Gender Equality – Lessons on How to Be a Better Ally

Thursday, October 11, 2018


  • Sheri Henck, Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Distribution & Logistics, Medtronic
  • Lex Malas, Co-Head of Global Banking North America, HSBC
  • Francesca L. Odell, Partner, Cleary Gottlieb
  • Jonathan McBride, Managing Director and Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity, BlackRock (moderator)

"Women are less likely to advocate for compensation. But if it's their child or their sibling, they will advocate more aggressively than a man," said Jonathan McBride on a panel at AS/COA's Seventh Annual Women's Hemispheric Network Conference in New York. He advised women to change the person for whom they're advocating.

Both female and male professionals discussed how women can improve their networking skills and find the confidence to voice their thoughts, and how men, in turn, can be better allies in amplifying their female colleagues' voices. 

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