#womenASCOA: The Three Ws—Women and Well-being in the Workplace

How can companies factor in welfare to their office policies? Watch the expert discussion at the Women's Hemispheric Forum in Miami.


  • Jennifer Boussuge, Managing Director, Global Banking Operations, Bank of America
  • Alvaro Cardenas, President, Latin America & Caribbean, Diageo
  • Svetlana Kropp, Global Vice President, Customer Engagement & Experience, SAP
  • Marcela Pizzi, Chief People and Communications Officer, Atlas Renewable Energy
  • Agostina Pechi, Managing Director and Head of Emerging Markets and Commodities (moderator)

"How do we reach out to these women and mentor them and tell them it's okay?" asked SAP's Svetlana Kropp during a panel at the seventh AS/COA Women's Hemispheric Network (WHN) Forum in Miami. "You don't have to take on the load of the world on your shoulders. We collectively have to have polices in place that help. We cannot do this alone," she concluded.

Kropp, alongside a panel of experts, discussed the value of well-being at the workplace. The pandemic, they agreed, made it even more important for companies to consider how to promote welfare in the workplace—understanding their employees as whole individuals to attract and retain the best talent.

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