#womenASCOA: Opening Remarks and Lori Lee's Keynote Interview

The AT&T executive spoke about managing a dual-career family, advocating for women in the workplace, and taking risks.


  • Welcoming Remarks by Susan Segal, President and CEO, Americas Society/Council of the Americas
  • Keynote Interview with Lori Lee, CEO – AT&T Latin America & Global Marketing Officer, AT&T Inc., and Michael Stott, Latin America Editor, Financial Times (interviewer)

AS/COA's Susan Segal delivered opening remarks at the 9th Annual Women’s Hemispheric Network Conference. The commitment to gender parity is crucial for her and the organization, she said. Financial Times editor Michael Stott then began the keynote interview with AT&T executive Lori Lee.

Lee gave career advice and provided professional suggestions to advance women’s roles in the workplace. “I have a soft spot for helping women,” she said. She noted how organizations can utilize three key concepts to promote the professional advancement of women: awareness to evaluate your corporation’s current programs, development of skillsets, and advocacy of women by the firm's leadership.

Throughout her career, she was usually the only woman in the room. “I always faced it as I was one of many businesspeople,” she said. “I was just a businessperson putting my best skills forward to try and solve these problems.”

When asked about how to manage a dual-career family, Lee said, “You need to be completely genuine and authentic to who you are and what is right for your family.” She added that she has always benefited from taking the biggest risk. “Maybe it seemed like a step back, but every time I followed it…the risk paid off. In every experience, my family unit grew closer.”

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