Video: Women's Global Leadership – How Far We've Come and Where We Need to Go

WHN hosted INCAE Professor Dr. Susan Clancy, who presented data on the changes in female representation in leadership across the private and public sectors, focusing on Latin America.


  • Susan Clancy, Professor at INCAE in Organizational Behavior and Research Director of INCAE’s Center for Women’s Leadership
  • Maria Lourdes Gallo, AS/COA Vice President, Miami 

The Women's Hemispheric Network hosted Dr. Susan Clancy, who presented data focused on three objectives: women's global progress in leadership, barriers, and opportunities in this field. She kicked off her presentation talking about female economic participation and opportunity in Latin America vs. North America, showing that in the former region, women's participation lags across public and private sectors, including among legislators, senior officials, and managers. She also noted how wage equality for similar work to men also falls behind notably. That said, Clancy also highlighted how women are increasingly represented in the workforce more and attain higher levels of education than men do in Latin America, which propels this move forward. "We are far from gender equality in leadership, but this is OK," she said. "We are a new generation, and things are going to change."