Video: What an AMLO Victory Means for Mexico

Mexico's next president made major campaign pledges. A panel of experts assessed if and how he can make good on his promises.

Mexico's next president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), has made major pledges in terms of confronting corruption, battling violence, and building social programs—all with fiscal responsibility and without raising taxes. How will he get it all done? "The devil is in the details," said Citi's Ernesto Revilla. An AS/COA expert panel moderated by Bloomberg's Vivianne Rodrigues covered potential upsides and downsides to an incoming AMLO government, with BlackRock's Gerardo Rodriguez suggesting that corruption, insecurity, and U.S.-Mexico relations have reached such lows that the new administration has a real chance to improve in these areas. In terms of relations with Washington, Moody's Mauro Leos pointed out that Donald Trump has indicated interest in having a bilateral trade accord with Mexico, which could mean he would produce a letter pulling Mexico out of NAFTA-and then have six months to change his mind. He also noted reasons why, despite comparisons between AMLO and ex-Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Mexico's next president has more in common with Chile's former President Michelle Bachelet during her second term in office. 

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