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Video: Sérgio Moro on Latin America's Battle against Corruption

Friday, March 2, 2018


  • Sérgio Moro, Federal Judge, Brazil
  • Brian Winter, Vice President of Policy, AS/COA; Editor-in-Chief, Americas Quarterly

After Americas Quarterly's Brian Winter opened the magazine's conference on Latin America's fight against corruption, Brazil's Federal Judge Sérgio Moro took the stage with Winter to discuss how Lava Jato—an anti-corruption operation with a regional reach—as well as the consequences for Brazilians' faith in democracy. Moro also responded to criticisms of how people have been targeted by the Lava Jato investigation, saying his team has investigated politicians on the left and right. "Sometimes people have illusions about some idols and sometimes it's time for people to realize the truth," said Moro.