Video: Facundo de Zuviría – Siesta Argentina and other modest observations

How can a city capture what's on the verge of disappearing at the hands of an economic crisis? Facundo de Zuviría answers the question with a photo essay exploring Buenos Aires 2001 corralito—an Argentine economic measure that froze bank accounts and devalued the peso. His images of Buenos Aires capture a city of family businesses disappearing before people's eyes. But the photographer says the series' title, Siesta Argentina, shows optimism when dealing with the moment of crisis. "I called it siesta because it was not an eternal dream. It wasn’t death. It was a moment."

Curators Gabriela Rangel and Alexis Fabry—who also edited the book about the photo essay—talk about how the exhibition came together at Americas Society, de Zuviría's work, and what the siesta has in common with photographers such as New York's Martha Rosler—whose work is also presented in the exhibition.