Video: Erick Meyenberg – The wheel bears no resemblance to a leg

The Mexican artist explains how the American Society exhibition connects Mexico City, power, and surrealism through multimedia installations.

Working for two years with a high school marching band in Mexico City, Eric Meyenberg created a complex multimedia exhibition that provokes a reflection on the machinery involving discipline, education, the state, and power. The artist explains how his show at Americas Society—his first in New York—explains how he based this work in surrealism and used interactions with the group of teenagers to redesign power symbols in Mexico City.

Curator and American Society Visual Arts Director Gabriela Rangel talks about the importance of bringing artwork from Mexico to the United States today, as contemporary art goes beyond state lines and bilateral relations. 

Video: Luisa Leme
Still photos: Sebastian Bach, Erick Meyenberg
Soundtrack: Alejandro Castaños