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Video: Dr. Juan Carlos Zevallos on Ecuador's COVID-19 Response

Thursday, September 24, 2020


  • Juan Carlos Zevallos, Public Health Minister, Ecuador (Download his presentation.)
  • Ivonne A. Baki, Ambassador of Ecuador to the U.S. (introduction)
  • Eric Farnsworth, Vice President, AS/COA (welcome)

Learn more about the AS/COA Healthcare Series.

In February, Ecuador became the second country in Latin America to confirm a COVID-19 case. In a presentation as part of an AS/COA Healthcare Series event, Ecuadoran Public Health Minister Dr. Juan Carlos Zevallos presented both data on how the disease progressed in the country, as well as the strategy behind the Moreno government’s response. “This is a health, economic, and social pandemic. It should not be solved inside the hospitals, but controlled at the community level,” he said. The minister responded to questions from members about the administration’s plans in light of a possible second wave of cases, the use of positive test results as an indicator, and the importance of collaboration between the ministry, academia, and the private sector.