Video: Argentina's Challenges and Opportunities in 2018

Experts explored accomplishments of and challenges for the Macri administration halfway through the president's term.


  • Alberto Bernal, ‎Chief Emerging Markets and Global Strategist, XP Securities
  • María Victoria Murillo, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, Columbia University
  • Roberto H. Sifón-Arévalo, Managing Director and Lead Analytical Manager, Sovereign and International Public Finance Ratings, Americas, S&P Global Ratings
  • Juan Cruz Díaz, Special Advisor, Americas Society/Council of the Americas and Managing Director, Cefeidas Group (moderator)

December marks the midway point for Argentine President Mauricio Macri's administration. At AS/COA's event in New York, Argentina: Challenges and Opportunities in 2018, analysts discussed the progress he's made on economic and political fronts, and the reforms he should prioritize going forward. "Argentina was literally starting to build an inflation model when Macri came up," said Alberto Bernal. "Before, there was no central monetary policy to try to forecast inflation." Roberto H. Sifón-Arévalo similarly lauded the business-friendly president for bringing Argentina to the international market again. On the political front, María Vistoria Murillo highlighted the president's ability to change the political scenario as well, and expressed that she now has renewed hopes that he will finish his term as the first non-peronist president to do so since 1928. Going forward, pensions should be the top reform priority, said Bernal, because Argentina spends an unsustainbale 10 percent of GDP on pensions.