Science, Safety, Stakeholders: Regulating for the Twenty-First Century in the Americas

FDA Latin America Director Katherine Serrano discussed regulation challenges in the age of pandemics, global trade, and innovation.


  • Katherine Serrano, Director, Latin America Office, U.S. Food & Drug Administration
  • Steve Liston, Senior Director, Council of the Americas

In a Council of the Americas event, Katherine Serrano discussed the FDA’s role in assuring the safety of imported products and regulating innovative technologies in the region. As global supply chains grow and technologies become more complex, the FDA is working to meet the needs of U.S. consumers for safe foods, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other products through coordination with counterpart agencies and efforts toward regulatory alignment in the Western Hemisphere. Although the pandemic has created challenges for trade and regulatory agencies, it has also helped to foster more trust and communication between innovators and regulators to ensure the FDA can work in tandem with developers.