Santiago 2024: Strengthening Bilateral Ties

U.S. Ambassador to Chile Bernadette M. Meehan spoke with AS/COA's Susan Segal about how to expand U.S.-Chile ties.


  • Bernadette M. Meehan, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Chile 
  • Susan Segal, President & CEO, Americas Society/Council of the Americas 

“If you think of any topic in the world right now, no matter how granular it is, there is someone partnered in the United States with someone in Chile working on that topic,” said U.S Ambassador to Chile Bernadette M. Meehan at the 2024 Latin American Cities Conferences: Santiago. The ambassador highlighted areas of cooperation between the two countries, including on defense, agriculture, and academic exchange. 

The ambassador detailed 200 years of bilateral ties and explained how a free-trade agreement and tax agreement have helped advance those bonds. The United States has also provided aid to Chile during times of crisis, such as during recent wildfires. “It's because we're friends and partners. And it's not a gift of charity, it's an exchange. We exchange knowledge. We exchange expertise. We exchange trainings. And this is what partners do,” said the ambassador. 

“When you're talking to potential investors, how do you differentiate the United States from other countries?” asked AS/COA's Susan Segal. “U.S. companies bring quality products, yes, but they bring long-term relationships," said Meehan. "They invest in the communities that they're a part of; they have a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, bringing in women and not just recruiting women—but retaining women."