Jonatan Alvarado and Ariel Abramovich: Huehuetenango

The Argentine early music specialists explore sixteenth-century Guatemalan musical manuscripts. 


I. Liturgical Music for the Mass and the Office 
1. Virgen Madre de Dios Ms. 7, f. 5r (only alto and bass preserved)
2. Pleni sunt de la Misa sine nomine Ms. 1, ff. 14v - 15r
3. Antiphona Ad Magnificat: ‘Gloriose Virginis’ Antifonario 13 f. 7v Magnificat 8 toni Ms. 2, ff. 15v - 17r
4. Benedicamus Domino Ms. 3, ff. 33v - 34r Ms.
5, f. 23v; ff. 31v - 32r Deo Gratias 8/26 Based on Ms. 8, ff. 27v - 28r

II. The Manuscript no. 8 and its Motet collection
5. Paratum cor meum (‘Le content est riche’) [Claudin de Sermissy] Ms. 8, ff. 48v - 49r 6. Pater Noster Ms. 8, ff. 61v - 62r
7. O bone Jesu [Juan de Anchieta] Ms. 8, ff. 58v - 59r

III. Four Villancicos and one Romance
8. ¿Con qué la lavaré? ‘Morraleos’ [Juan Vasquez] Ms. 8, ff. 51v - 52r
9. Mulier quit ploras [‘Puse mis amores en Fernandillo’] [Juan Vasquez] Ms. 8, ff. 21v - 22r
10. Acorranaternum Based on Ms. 2, ff. 7v - 8r Text by Juan del Encina
11. Romance [De Antequera sale el moro] Ms. 2, ff. 1v - 2r
12. Dame acojida Ms. 4, ff. 21v - 22r Copla from the Cancioneiro de Belem, ff. 66v; Daza, ‘El Parnaso’, f. 96v - 97r

All editions made by Jonatan Alvarado, except # 2. by Richard O. Garven; and # 3. by Paul Borg. All tablatures by Ariel Abramovich, except # 12 from ‘El Parnaso’, by Daza

Jonatan Alvarado - Tenor
Ariel Abramovich - Vihuela in ‘sol by Martin Haycock (2011) Vihuela in ‘la by Francisco Hervás (2021)
Gus Abreu - Cinematography and editing
Isaac Palacín - Recording, music editing and mixing
Daniel Abalo - Lighting design
Beatriz Fontán - Production
Samuel Diz - Coordination
Recorded at the Chapel of San Vicente, in Tui Cathedral May 20th, 2021