Democracy Dialogues: A Conversation with Leopoldo López

The Venezuelan opposition leader speaks with AS/COA's Eric Farnsworth about the possibility of a return to democracy. 


  • Leopoldo López, National Coordinator of the Voluntad Popular Political Party.
  • Eric Farnsworth, AS/COA Vice President

For this session of the Council of the Americas’ Democracy Dialogues, host Eric Farnsworth probes these and other important questions in a one-on-one interview with leading opposition figure Leopoldo López, recently exiled from Venezuela after escaping from house arrest along with his family. From intermittent negotiations between the Maduro regime and the opposition in Mexico to prospects for meaningful elections in 2024, from the burgeoning migration crisis to the role of the international community, this 30-minute conversation uncovers current realities and reveals the strategy that animates current thinking and prospects for success.

Democracy Dialogues is a conversation about the state of democracy in the Americas. Featured guests have included Colombia’s then-President Ivan Duque, NBA Basketball Star Enes Kanter Freedom, OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro, CubaDecide founder Rosa Maria Paya, and founder and Editor of Nicaragua’s Confidencial Carlos Fernando Chamorro, among many others. Join us as we discuss the most compelling issues while acknowledging and celebrating those leading efforts to improve the practice of regional democracy.

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