A Conversation with Rosa María Payá

The Cuban people will continue to protest, said the human rights activist in a Democracy Dialogues conversation with Eric Farnsworth.

The Cuban people can be the protagonists of their own story, said Rosa María Payá, executive director of the Foundation for Panamerican Democracy. In a one-on-one discussion with AS/COA's Eric Farnsworth, the Cuban human rights activist explained the strategy behind Cuba Decide—a citizen initiative which aims to bring a democratic plebiscite to the island. She spoke about her journey to becoming an activist as the daughter of the killed Cuban opposition leader Oswaldo Payá and detailed the brutal repression Cubans are facing now as the military has detained an estimated 952 people since July 11.

More than 400 people are still in prison with many facing criminal charges and torture, Payá says. She predicts the Cuban people will continue in their protests.