A Conversation with Momenta Quartet

The Momenta Quartet musicians and composers featured in the 2021 Momenta Festival discuss the inspiration behind their selected pieces and personal connections with each other.


  • Stephanie Griffin, viola
  • Emilie-Anne Gendron, violin
  • Alex Shiozaki, violin
  • Michael Haas, cello
  • Pablo Furman, composer
  • José Luis Greco, composer
  • Alba Potes, composer
  • Alvin Singleton, composer
  • Sebastián Zubieta, Americas Society Music Director (moderator)

Momenta Quartet musicians and composers featured in the June 23 week's Music of the Americas Momenta Festival gathered in a virtual conversation about their performances, the history of the quartet, and making music in a pandemic. "We can hear the members of the quartet not only as performers, but as curators," said Sebastián Zubieta, AS music director.

Momenta musicians talked about how they chose the music featured during the festival, and composers explained  how it felt to be included in the program. "I lived in Europe for 14 years and my solo viola piece was only played once ...and when I came back I couldn't find people to play it. But when I heard Stephanie that was incredible," said Alvin Singleton.