#BRAVObiz: Exploring New IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards

Corporate sustainability leaders discuss their role in enabling companies to advance on their sustainability agenda.


  • Jeff Hales, PhD, Board Member, International Sustainability Standards Board 
  • Pedro Pereira, Chief Sustainability Officer, SAP Latin America & Caribbean 

For Standards Board's Jeff Hales, PhD, bringing the rigor of accounting to sustainability reporting is crucial. "It’s fundamental to the IFRS Foundation's mission, which is trying to facilitate well-functioning capital markets on a global scale,” he said at the program BRAVO Dialogues: Exploring New IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards.

Interviewer Pedro Pereira of SAP Latin American & Caribbean asked Hales about the standards' effect on Latin America and how the region has adapted them. 

"In Latin America in particular, there has been some innovation,” Hales said. He pointed specifically to Colombia and Chile. "They have taken steps to pull in, say, the SASB Standards and make that part of their regulatory framework before other countries around the world," he said. 

Hales also explained the role of the high-up positions in corporations and why CFOs are particularly important. "They often hold the keys to the capital within the company and decide" where to deploy more funds across the different opportunities, he said.