#BRAVOBiz 2022: The Partnership for Central America—What Comes Next?

Darren Ware, Juan Pablo Mata, and Enrique Bolaños discussed how to advance a private-public initiative in the Northern Triangle.


  • Darren Ware, Senior Vice President, Government Engagement, Latin America, Mastercard
  • Juan Pablo Mata, CEO, Apex/Grupo Mariposa
  • Enrique Bolaños, President, INCAE Business School (moderator)

“We believe that the Partnership could unleash lots of the value that we have in the Northern Triangle," said Juan Pablo Mata of Apex/Grupo Mariposa in a BRAVO Leadership Conversation as a part of the 27th COA Symposium and BRAVO Business Awards. The Partnership for Central America, launched in May 2021 by U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, seeks to bring private-sector investment to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

"We want to drive inclusion of individuals and also small and medium businesses," said Darren Ware of Mastercard. However, he noted several obstacles that prevent Central Americans, especially in rural areas, from achieving prosperity, including a lack of access to credit and connectivity. Alongside Mata, he discussed how the private sector is working with local governments to build infrastructure and empower local entrepreneurs, particularly women. "Working together, we can help these dreamers to really get access to technology and to improve growth—and that could impact their communities," said Mata.