BRAVO Leadership Conversation: CEMEX's Fernando González and AES' Andrés Gluski

The CEOs agreed that a green transition is necessary, profitable, and doable with existing technologies. 


  • Fernando González, CEO of CEMEX
  • Andrés Gluski, CEO of the AES Corporation; Chairman, Americas Society/Council of the Americas

“Businesses have gone through a market of promises because of this new expectations around green technologies. We are reacting. We are all redefining. We are all looking for ways to make this transition to a low carbon economy,” said Fernando González of CEMEX in a BRAVO Leadership Conversation. Joined by Andrés Gluski of The AES Corporation, the two CEOs discussed their companies' efforts to adapt to new sustainability realities.

“We're very clear where we are going. [It’s a question] how to make this transition in the most cost effective way but also resilient. We do nothing by jumping ahead of where the technologies are,” said Gluski on industry efforts to align their practices with global climate accords like the Paris Agreement. Both leaders agreed that the technologies to achieve low carbon or carbon neutral products already exist, though additional R&D can enhance the tools available to companies. González and Gluski reviewed their companies efforts to innovate and implement sustainable practices in areas like renewable energy, lithium batteries, artificial intelligence, and supply chain consolidation.

Still, some stakeholders are skeptical of the benefits of a green transition. Both leaders agreed however that sustainable practices were doable and profitable. “Those companies moving forward, innovating, investing, and demonstrating that they are moving to a net-zero economy will see inflows of customers, investors, and potential employees,” said González. As Gluski put it: “Any CEO is not aware of this is going have a very rude awakening.”