BRAVO Dialogues: From Philanthropy to Social Impact Investment

Senior business leaders address how to make a change on a large and small scale.


  • William C. Davies Jr., Managing Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategic Initiatives, City National Bank of Florida
  • Thiago Fernandes, Head of Latin America, Social and Environment Group, Bank of America 
  • Marcelo Fumasoni, Head of Human Resources, Microsoft Latin America
  • Liana Sucar-Hamel, Head of Communications, Latin America, Airbus
  • Jorge Becerra, Emeritus Senior Partner & Senior Advisor, BCG (moderator)
  • Maria Lourdes Teran, Vice President, AS/COA Miami Office (introduction)

"We need the bright minds from the company, but we need the passion as well,” said Marcelo Fumasoni of Microsoft in a discussion about ways corporations can enhance their social impact. In this digital BRAVO Dialogues event, experts from Bank of America, Microsoft, and Airbus emphasized the ability of the private sector to make a difference.

Moderator Jorge Becerra of BCG asked the senior business leaders what is required to create a social impact. “We as corporates have resources. The thing is we need to select the right problems. We need to have the right diagnostic. We need to find the right solution,” said Thiago Fernandes of Bank of America.

Liana Sucar-Hamel of Airbus spoke about the initiatives her company, which manufactures aircrafts, has taken to become more eco-friendly. For example, Sucar-Hamel said Airbus is focused on producing hydrogen-powered aircrafts.

The discussion also touched upon the power of social impact on a local level. William C. Davies Jr. of City National Bank of Florida, spoke about the importance of providing resources for underrepresented business owners. Davies said the biggest challenge his company faces is "balancing our ambitions to do many things and to make sure that we are focused enough that we are changing the lives of business owners and their families day by day and building the next generation of clients that will become our core clients, really, all while making our community stronger and more resilient.”