Brasília 2023: AS/COA's Susan Segal on Economic Opportunity in Brazil

The AS/COA president and CEO opened the conference by discussing Brazil's leadership in the region's economy and sustainability. 

"Brazil has made active efforts and commitments in promoting a sustainable development that also promotes economic growth," said Americas Society/Council of the Americas President and CEO Susan Segal during the opening of the 2023 Latin American Cities Conferences: Brasília, speaking about optimism regarding the Brazilian economy.

Segal also highlighted the recent growth in the value of foreign investments and their relevance to Brazil. "[Brazil] has the second largest consumer market in the Americas after the United States," noted Segal. She highlighted that Brazil has been making efforts to combine sustainability with economic growth. 

Finally, Segal recalled the enormous potential to be explored and opportunities for investment in Brazil. "It is a continental country with a diversified economy and has a strategic geographic position that allows easy access to other South American countries," she said.