#2022WCA: U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty on National Security and Business

The senator spoke about China's role in U.S.-Latin American relations at a private luncheon.


  • Bill Hagerty, U.S. Senator (R-TN)
  • Susan Segal, President and CEO, Americas Society/Council of the Americas

“Let's work together and make the Western Hemisphere the hemisphere of security and prosperity of the 21st century,” said Senator Bill Hagerty at the 52nd Annual Washington Conference on the Americas.

In his remarks, Senator Hagerty explained his belief that the border crisis is the biggest national security, economic, and humanitarian challenge that the Western Hemisphere faces today. He detailed how he met with Guatemalan and Mexican government officials, as well as industry leaders, to discuss how the region can work together to solve problems. “I wanted them to understand that my strong belief is that if the United States and our neighbors boldly seize the opportunity to stop the immediate crisis with an eye towards the future, we can advance security, prosperity, and human dignity for all of our people,” said Hagerty.

Hagerty also explained his belief that China poses serious problems and long term risks to the Western Hemisphere. As a result, he has actively taken steps to advance U.S. technology and supply chains in order to empower regional partners. Hagerty noted his work on the Hagerty-King Bill, which passed the Senate in January, that he believes would increase jobs and bolster national security.