#2022WCA: Panel on Energy Transition in the Americas

The panelists discussed the future of the energy sector and opportunities for cooperation in the Western Hemisphere. 


  • Angel Cabrera, President, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Omar Paganini, Minister of Industry, Energy, and Mining, Uruguay
  • David Turk, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy
  • Stuart Richard Young, Minister of Energy, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Julian Nebreda, Executive Vice President & President, US Global Business Lines, AES (moderator)

At the 52nd Annual Washington Conference on the Americasa panel of government and private sector experts discussed the energy transition in the Americas and spotlighted opportunities for cooperation in the hemisphere.

“One area I’m particularly excited about and think there’s partnership opportunities is on clean energy supply chains,” said David Turk, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy. “I think there’s a way to mutually work together," he said about Latin America before outlining partnerships as a key initiative of the United States' energy sector.

On clean energy, Omar Paganini, Uruguay's Minister of Industry, Energy, and Mining, highlighted his country's focus on sustainability, citing that from 2017 to 2020, 95 percent of the country's electricity came from renewable sources. “It was a very quick and very remarkable transformation that also enabled us to transform into exporters,” he said. 

Stuart Richard Young, Trinidad & Tobago's Minister of Energy, underscored the importance of natural gas in the global energy sector. “We see a long future in gas … We’re looking for new sources of gas within our borders," Young said. “We are a big advocate for the continuation of the use of natural gas.”