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The State of Anti-Corruption in Mexico: A View from the CCC Index

Americas Society / Council of the Americas

June 18, 2020


The 2020 Capacity to Combat Corruption (CCC) Index, co-developed by AS/COA and Control Risks, shows that Mexico has made progress in some areas in the fight against corruption over the last year, but significant challenges still lie ahead. Mexico ranks eighth in the second edition of the CCC Index and its score has not significantly changed since 2019. What are the most immediate obstacles to anti-corruption enforcement in Mexico? What are the most urgent reforms needed to improve Mexico's anti-corruption environment?


  • Francisco García, Associate Analyst, Control Risks @franciscogrgz
  • Pablo Montes Mendoza, Anticorruption Coordinator, Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) @Montes_mx
  • Mariana Campos, Public Expenditure Program Coordinator, México Evalúa @mariana_c_v
  • Roberto Simon, Senior Director and Head of the Anti-Corruption Working Group, AS/COA @robertosimon (moderator)

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Mariana Campos

Public Expenditure Program Coordinator, México Evalúa

Mariana Campos is the public expenditure program coordinator at México Evalúa. Previously, she worked as an associate consultant at Grupo de Economistas y Asociados and as the research project coordinator at Fundación Idea. Campos began her career in the Mexican government, at the economic planning unit of the Ministry of Finance. She has experience designing and evaluating public policies and programs, and has evaluated several federal government programs. Campos’ areas of expertise include public spending, governance, infrastructure, and public contracts.

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Francisco García

Associate Analyst, Control Risks

Francisco García is an associate analyst in the Global Risk Analysis practice of Control Risks’ Mexico City office. He has a background in corruption and security studies and conducts analyses of organized crime and political stability-related trends in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. García is a regular contributor to Control Risks’ online subscription services and has conducted on-the-ground analysis for a variety of multinational clients.

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Pablo Montes Mendoza

Anticorruption Coordinator, IMCO

Pablo Montes Mendoza is the anticorruption coordinator at the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), a position he has held since 2018. In his leadership role at IMCO’s Anticorruption Unit, Montes develops projects focused on public procurement, business integrity, citizen participation and international commitments to curb corruption. The main focus of his projects is on developing tools and methodologies that can help government and citizens promote better control of and accountability regarding the way public resources are managed.

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Roberto Simon

Senior Director for Policy and Head of the Anti-Corruption Working Group, AS/COA

Roberto Simon is the senior director for policy and head of the Anti-Corruption Working Group at Americas Society/Council of the Americas and the politics editor for Americas Quarterly. Previously, Simon served as the lead Latin America analyst at FTI Consulting’s Geopolitical Intelligence practice, advising global businesses on key political, economic, and policy challenges in the region.

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Video: The State of Anti-Corruption in Mexico - A View from the CCC Index

June 18, 2020

Experts from Control Risks, México Evalúa, and the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness discussed institutional independence, government transparency, asset recovery, and more....