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Lima 2014 Blog: Remarks by Foreign Affairs Minister Gonzalo Gutiérrez and AS/COA's Ragnhild Melzi

Foreign Minister Gonzalo Gutiérrez. (Image: Renzo Rebagliati)

Friday, November 21, 2014


  • Gonzalo Gutiérrez, Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru
  • Ragnhild Melzi, Senior Director, Public Policy Programs and Corporate Relations. Americas Society/Council of the Americas

To open AS/COA's 2014 Lima conference, AS/COA Public Policy Programs and Corporate Relations Senior Director Ragnhild Melzi spoke about how Peru has made strides in economic growth, social inclusion, and trade. Despite record GDP growth and low inflation, climate change could impact the country's economic trajectory, said Melzi. Peru must work to combat environmental challenges, given the fact that it's among the world's top three countries expected to be most affected by climate change. The country's GDP could also take a hit due to climate change, she said.

Along the same lines, Peru's Foreign Minister Gonzalo Gutiérrez spoke about why climate change represents a challenge to development. He expressed the sense of urgency countries should feel ahead of the COP-20 summit Peru will host next month as negotiations on carbon dioxide emissions continue. Peru will set the stage for a potential agreement to be signed next year.

Gutiérrez highlighted opportunities for the private sector to work with governments on combatting climate change, ranging from technology transfers to public-private partnerships on clean, renewable energy. Also, businesses are taking steps on their own, including corporate practices to reduce emissions and to become more sustainable.

In addition to hosting government leaders, Peru will host businesses leaders at the COP-20. The summit provides an opportunity to promote green development, and also for small- and medium-sized businesses to gain access to clean energy ventures, he said.

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