Buenos Aires 2015 Blog: Argentina's Presidential Candidates


Lead presidential contenders Mauricio Macri, Sergio Massa, and Daniel Scioli outlined their visions for Argentina.


  • Mauricio Macri, Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires
  • Sergio Massa, National Deputy, Frente Renovador, Argentina
  • Daniel Scioli, Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I aspire to be the president of investment," said Daniel Scioli, Buenos Aires province’s governor and frontrunner presidential candidate representing the Victory Front coalition. He said Argentina’s next chapter should be focused on innovation, equality, and investments. For his rival Mauricio Macri of the Let's Change coalition, the next government should focus on four themes: education, rule of law, transparency, and jobs. He said that all Argentines should have access to the same opportunities and a state that is not held hostage by politics. Sergio Massa, presidential candidate for the coalition United for a New Alternative, said the government’s first challenge will be to restore credibility in its statistics, and that important sectors such as energy and technology should be for investments.

The top presidential candidates in the race for Argentina's presidency joined AS/COA's annual conference in Buenos Aires, sharing their perspectives on their country's current state and future prospects. This was their first gathering since the primary elections earlier this month. The candidates explored what they considered priorities for the country, commenting on themes ranging from electoral transparency to which sectors would help Argentina’s economy to the short and long-term goals for the next government. Elections take place on October 25.

Macri said that his goal would be to build a smart government by fighting poverty, recovering respect for institutions, and creating opportunities for development and jobs.

Watch Macri's remarks: