Venezuela's Juan Guaidó Seeks Support in Washington after Causing a Stir in Colombia

By Tara John, Caitlin Hu, and Karol Suarez

"My intention…is to return to Venezuela," said Venezuela's former Interim President Juan Guaidó at the Washington Conference on the Americas.

Venezuela’s former opposition leader Juan Guaidó is visiting Washington this week, where he hopes to meet with the Biden administration, he told reporters on Tuesday during a surprise appearance at the Washington Conference on the Americas. 

Asked if he sought political asylum in the US, he said, “I am currently visiting. My intention, like that of millions of refugees, is to return to Venezuela.” 

Guaidó served as the interim president of Venezuela’s transitional government from 2019 until late 2022 – when he was ousted from his leadership role after struggling to make significant gain against the authoritarian regime of Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro. […]

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