Still Betting Big: Argentine Venture Capitalists Hernán Kazah and Nicolás Szekasy

By Rich Brown

Venture capital investment is receding again in Latin America. But the founders of Kaszek Ventures see the upside.

This article is adapted from AQ’s special report on supply chains Mercado Libre is Latin America’s original “garage-to-Nasdaq” story. The iconic e-commerce and financial technology (fintech) startup was built from scratch in 1999 and became a regional giant with a net income of $7 billion in 2021. But its cofounder Hernán Kazah and its ex-CFO Nicolás Szekasy believe one of the company’s most important legacies is that it inspired people across the region to take the risk of building startups. Kazah and Szekasy founded Kaszek Ventures in 2011 to invest in those...

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