Review 90: Latin America and the Technological Imaginary in the Digital Age

The Spring 2015 issue of Review examines technology’s impact on literature and creative expression.

Review 90 (Spring 2016; Latin America and the Technological Imaginary in the Digital Age), guest-edited by cultural critics Mark Dery and Naief Yehya, addresses technology’s impact on creative expression, particularly in an age where collective society is experiencing unprecedented, often violent, change, when an interdisciplinary approach to the world is paramount, where boundaries are breaking down, new paradigms are emerging, and culture and technology intersect in new and previously unimagined combinations. In their respective selections of academic essays and creative texts, Dery and Yehya and their contributors consider the dissolving of boundaries and reconfigured interrelationships between discourses, considering new possibilities for creative production, where what we know as culture—writing, art, music, design—intersects with science, technology, engineering, and even politics and public policy. The contents of this issue, by a plethora of cutting-edge writers and scholars, explore the topic of the border as well as innovations in pop music, contemporary bio-art, burgeoning forms of digital writing, gender boundaries and representations, science fiction, and the often fine line between human and artificial life—all in relation to cyberculture as manifested in both the United States and Latin America (in countries such as Chile, Colombia, and Mexico). In addition to the participants in this launch, the issue includes essays, fiction, and other texts by Alberto Bisama, Bruno Bartra, Alberto Chimal, Liliana Colanzi, Rodrigo Fresán, Belén Gache, Fran Ilich, Wayne Marshall, Eden Medina, Edmundo Paz Soldán, Diego Trelles Paz, and Rafael Toriz. The Features section showcases pieces marking Adolfo Bioy Casares’s centenary and Nicanor Parra’s 100th birthday and a conversation between Colombian novelist Juan Gabriel Vásquez and American novelist Jess Row. Book reviews cover new titles in translation by Leopoldo Marechal, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Valeria Luiselli, Gustavo Pérez Firmat, Andrés Neuman, Mylene Fernández-Pintado, and others.

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