Review 88: Beyond Violence: Toward Justice in Latin American Writing and Arts

The new issue released on May 15 looks at justice and violence in Latin American literature.

Review 88 (Spring 204; Beyond Violence: Toward Justice in Latin American Writing and Arts) is guest-edited by Marguerite Feitlowitz and Ksenija Bilbija. The issue compiles articles by leading scholars—Jorge Benavides, Diana Palaversich, and others—as well as creative texts by some of the most iconic figures of contemporary Latin American writing and younger voices from throughout the region. From essays to poetry to short stories to novel excerpts to book reviews, Review 88 includes pieces by such distinguished writers as Héctor Abad (Colombia), Marcelino Freire (Brazil), the late Juan Gelman (Argentina), Yuri Herrera (Mexico), Elena Poniatowska (Mexico), Patricio Pron (Argentina), Laura Restrepo (Colombia), and Juan Gabriel Vásquez, among many others. The issue also includes a memorial piece on Colombian author Alvaro Mutis; arts features; and book reviews of new work in translation by authors including Adolfo Bioy-Casares and Silvina Ocampo, Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Jorge Volpi, and Rodolfo Walsh.

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