Pope Francis Says He Fears Bloodshed as Venezuela Braces for More Protests

By Tom Phillips

“I’m not willing to commit that [civil war] is where Venezuela is heading but that is one possible scenario,” AS/COA's Eric Farnsworth told The Guardian.

Pope Francis has said he fears bloodshed in Venezuela as the South American country braces for a week of fresh protests against its embattled president, Nicolás Maduro...

Pope Francis is not alone in fearing violence in the oil-rich but economically devastated South American nation...

Eric Farnsworth, a former US diplomat and vice-president of the Council of the Americas, said: “I think there is potential for actual chaos on the ground.

“Things on the ground have been very bad. Citizens have been leaving. But what we haven’t seen is a breakdown of civil authority … I think you could have security forces fighting each other. You could have further street protest and I think we have to be very mindful that Caracas – where everybody is focused – that is only one part of the country.

“I’m not willing to commit at this stage that [civil war] is where Venezuela is heading but I think that is one possible scenario,” Farnsworth added...

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